Monthly Economic Survey

Monthly Economic Survey is a brief information on the recent trends in the domestic and international macroeconomic environment and financial sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which has been published on the web site of the Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina since May 2013 (previously, it used to be an internal information for the Bank management). The information includes graphic surveys with brief comments and statistical tables. The breakdown of statistical data is 45 days after the expiry of the reference month. The Monthly Economic Survey is published on monthly basis (except for the last month in the quarter, when the Bulletin is published).

Advanced Release Calendar

Data category Periodicity Release dates - 2024
REGULAR PUBLICATIONS (10/2023) (11/2023)   (1i2/2024)  (4/2024) (5/2024) (7/2024) (8/2024)
Monthly Economic Survey Monthly until 28.02.2024. until 31.03.2024. until 30.04.2024. until 30.06.2024. until 31.07.2024. until 30.09.2024. until 31.10.2024.



Monthly Economic Survey

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